Terms & Conditions

1. Universal Following conditions are valid for all contracts, deliveries and other achievements of Rheinleder. We do not recognise conflicting or from these Terms and Conditions divergent general terms of business (Terms and Conditions) of the third enterprisers, unless, we would expressly have agreed to your validity. These conditions are also valid if we accept achievements in knowledge of conflicting or divergent Terms and Conditions of the contracting partner without reservation.

2. Retention of title All goods remain a property of Rheinleder up to her entire payment. A wide disposal of the product by the buyer before his proprietary acquisition is not permitted. From this can become in the isolated case with previous written arrangement soaked off. By now for this case the contracting partner resigns his demand from these sales to Rheinleder (extended retention of title) to Rheinleder.

3. Realisation of the contract / prices The legal value added tax is included in the price. It validly the prices according to the respective price-list underlying to a bill of sale. A bill of sale between the customer and Rheinleder comes about when Rheinleder has accepted a purchase inquiry of the customer. The acceptance can occur by telephone through e-mail or by telephone.

4. Payment The customer is obliged to the payment in advance by pre-payment. On receipt of the calculation by email or Paypal, the purchase price is to be transferred including forwarding expenses within 7 days to the commercial discount payment evident from the calculation. After credit of the purchase price including the forwarding expenses on the commercial discount payment of Rheinleder the product is delivered within 48 hrs with DPD, DHL or German post.

2. Compensation and retention rights are entitled to Rheinleder in the legal extent.

3. Calculations are due immediately on receipt of to the payment. Hence, the purchase price is to be paid immediately on receipt of the calculation. Without reminder by Rheinleder the buyer is behind with his payment duty at the latest if 30 days have passed since access of the due calculation or a payment installation, and within this time is not paid.

Suppliers and other enterprisers get at the latest 30 days after maturity and receipt of the consideration in delay.

The interests on arrears are directed according to the legal regulations.

5. Delivery times and dispatch The delivery time amounts approx. 2 days if the product is in stock. Extended delivery times stand with the article or are informed by us in writing via mail. Part deliveries are agreed, so far reasonably and not differently, towards enterprisers allowed. Otherwise they are only allowed if they are agreed individually. Information by dates of delivery is to be understood as an approx. information, unless, in the confirmation of order an obliging date of delivery is called explicit. Compared with enterprisers the delivery expressly occurs under the reservation that Rheinleder itself is supplied properly and on time. The customer is immediately informed about a non-availability of the product. In this case Rheinleder can withdraw from the contract. Received achievements are immediately refunded.

We dispatch exclusively insured with DPD, DHL and the German post. Rheinleder cannot be held responsible for the delivery times of the logistics enterprises.

6. Guarantee The guarantee term towards enterprisers amounts 12 months. Compared with consumers the guarantee amounts with things made anew 24 months, with used things 12 months. Compared with enterprisers the guarantee obligation assumes a legal-early rebuke for the purposes of the HGB.

7. Resignation of the bill of sale Rheinleder reserves itself to withdraw from the bill of sale if becomes known after contract end that the buyer is really insolvent or is not ready to the payment. Same is valid if the buyer has made false statements about his credit standing.

Rheinleder reserves itself to calculate a handling charge at the rate of 10% of the made out check to the customer with a resignation of the bill of sale by the customer with a goods order value of more than 100.00€ (euro).

8. Packaging order Rheinleder – Sonja Amrhein is obliged according to the regulations of the packaging order to it, packaging of the offered products which do not carry the sign of a system of the exhaustive disposal to take back free of charge and to provide for re-use or disposal.

9. Liability Compensation claims from achievement disturbances or other breaches of contract or duty injuries are excluded, as far as the damage has not been caused by roughly careless or deliberate action of Rheinleder and her assistants or fulfilment assistant. This is not valid by the injury of life, body and/or health.

Damages in transit are to be announced immediately in writing. The buyer undertakes to put on in this case a damage protocol with the transportation company. Guarantee rights remain untouched from this.

The enterpriser carries the prize danger and achievement danger in case of the dispatch to enterpriser.

Independent of the legal argument the liability is limited by Rheinleder towards enterprisers on typically by shops of the doubtful kind of originating damage.

Legal venue For the case that the other part is an enterpriser is the legal venue, as far as nothing else is agreed, district court Königstein. Otherwise the legal venue is directed according to the legal regulations.

Exclusively the right of the Federal Republic of Germany is applicable.